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Train your mind to create the best business solutions

Simple technique to find the best method of managing your problems.
By Aileen Santos, CPC MAC |

You have to admit that "problems" and "the entrepreneur" share a very special relationship. On one hand, just about every successful business venture originally started out as a "solution" to a problem. On the other hand, having too many problems coming up in your day to day operations isn\\\'t exactly the best way to achieve life balance.

Most people use one of three ways to deal with problems:


  1. The first is by feeling negative emotions, and then implementing actions in reaction to their emotions.
  2. The second is by ignoring the problem and hoping it gets resolved by itself.
  3. And the third is by re-focusing on what\\\'s important (to their business or life direction), and then coming up with solutions that are aligned with those goals.


It takes a lot of awareness and practice to deal with problems using the third method, which is the best way to manage problems. But you can start training yourself to do this right now by practicing a very simple technique.


Choose better questions, generate better solutions.
What I\\\'m about to tell you now may sound extremely simple, but if you REALLY try applying this principle to your life, you would recognize how powerful this truth is:


Questions are the key to unlocking your mind\\\'s creative problem solving power.


ALL our thoughts are simply responses to our default "inner questions." Imagine two different people waiting in a cafe, both preparing for their respective business meetings. Imagine both of them spilling their drinks on their best suits at the same time. One of them sees the mess and thinks: "I\\\'m so stupid!"

The other one sees the mess and thinks: "Oh well, I\\\'ll just wash it off."

Two different reactions to the same situation. Apart from the roles of "attitude" and "personality" to the situation, their reactions were also caused by having different automatic questions.

Person A\\\'s automatic question was probably: Why does this always happen to me? And his mind readily supplied an answer: "Because I\\\'m so stupid!"

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