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Using copyrighted material for your business

When using the work of others you must first determine if copyright permission is required
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Companies will often need to use works protected by copyright or related rights works to support their business activities says the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. When using the work of others you must first determine if copyright permission is required.


You will need permission from the copyright owner if:


1. The work is covered by copyright and/or related laws


2. If the work is not in the public domain


3. If your planned exploitation implies the use of all or part of the rights granted to the copyright and/or related; and


4. If your intended use is not covered by "fair use" or "fair dealing" or by a limitation or exception specifically included in the national copyright or related rights law.


Take note that you need to get specific permission for using other people\\\'s content outside your business premises like in an investor road show, company web site or an annual report.  This also applies to inside your business premises like in product research, in-house meetings and training.



Moreover, just using even a part of copyrighted-protected work will require written permission.


Works that can be used without needing prior permission include: facts or ideas from a protected work; works in the public domain and works under "fair use."


For more information on copyrights in the Philippines, check out the Intellectual Property Center web site at

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