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WebFWD: Helping innovators create businesses to change the world

Apply for Mozilla\\\'s business accelerator program.
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This year has been a banner year for aspiring tech businesses with so many competitions and programs available. From non-profit and open-source advocate, the Mozilla Foundation is WebFWD an open innovation program that began in 2011. It is a free accelarator program for open source startups.


The program is conducted remotely via internet so location is no problem. During the three month course, startups will be mentored by industry experts in web technology, design, marketing, community development, finance and law for startups, team-building and more. To see the list of experts, click here


WebFWD program coordinator, Didem Ersoz, told  that startups that qualify for the program are sent a topic and assignment for the week that touches on skills that they can directly use for their business.


Ersoz adds that while the program does not aim to change anything about the startup\\\'s business, it requires that it be innovative and that a component of the business should be open source. She says that the product they are selling should also have market demand.



In detail, WebFWD provides:

-Weekly training sessions and exercises

-Office hourse with industry experts

-Ongoing mentorship from leading technologists

-Opportunity for funding at the end of the program


The program is open to participants from anywhere in the world. Relocation not required.  For more details, email the coordinator at Applications are from today until mid-January 2013, to apply click here.

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