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What \\\'Filipino Time\\\' means

Arriving on time is a testy subject for most Pinoys.
By Kendrick Go |

When it comes to time management Filipinos are known for being "flexible" in their commitments. It is not unheard of for people who scheduled appointments to wait for hours because their counterparts are indisposed. Paulo Tibig of VCargo shares this story that could only happen in the Philippines.


"When we were just starting we had an appointment with a referred account, we scheduled a meeting with the brand manager. Even though it was a scheduled meeting we had to wait in the lobby for two to three hours because the manager had another appointment. So, after three hours the manager comes out and tells us that our meeting has been reset."


Doing business in the Philippines, one must remember to confirm and re-confirm at least three times to be on the safe side. \\\'Filipino time\\\' is an ugly trait that often rattles even the most patient of people. Be prepared for it, and always try to gently remind people of upcoming commitments. Only in the Philippines!


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