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When the grass is green

Wheatgrass is the latest health product to hit the market. Now, it has created a lifestyle center
By Entrepreneur Staff |
When the grass is green

Access to wheatgrass products and other health products has never been easier and safer. A Lifestyle Center at the SM Mall of Asia is the country’s first one stop shop that offers products for health buffs.

A brainchild of Easy Pha-max Philippines, Inc, the country’s leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products, the Lifestyle Center provides shoppers options that will help them live healthier lives.

Easy Pha-max CEO Edward Ling said it is a one-stop shop for the company’s wheatgrass-based health products that include Wheatgrass Pure, Wheatgrass with Honey, Bio Coffee, So Easy Colon Cleanse, Whea-gee (for kids), Bio Soy Milk, Skywheatgrass Plus, Insupro Forte (anti-diabetes), among others. Other products like Wheatgrass ready-to-drink (in can) will retail soon.

It is the first of several soon-to-rise lifestyle health centers this year that the company and its channel partners will put up across the country.

Incorporated on 28 November 2007, Easy Pha-max is a subsidiary of INS Bioscience which is engaged in the scientific research and development and commercialization of herbal remedies and bioscience products in Malaysia. Easy Pha-max is the only company that uses both the leaves and roots of the wheatgrass to get the maximum amount of proteins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll that neutralize toxins and restores alkalinity to the blood.

Customers shopping at the mall can have their health check-ups from experienced nurses and dietitians using modern diagnostic tools like the Live Blood Analysis and Inner Body Scan which provide information on the body’s health condition.

Ling said the Lifestyle Center will help Filipinos understand holistic wellness, why it is important to reduce the risk of getting sick and how they can prevent contracting diseases.

“Since day one of our operations four years ago, we’ve been in the business of motivating Filipinos towards leading healthy lifestyles. The Lifestyle Center is a wonderful opportunity for us to make healthcare more accessible. We are identifying locations in Metro Manila and in other key cities in the country where we can achieve our company vision of transforming lives and communities by restoring people’s health,” he explained.

Ling clarified the Lifestyle Center will not replace clinics and hospitals, rather, the company wants to encourage consumers to adopt healthy lifestyles by giving them access to the latest health information and products.

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