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When the second time\\\'s the charm

By Carlo P. Mallo |
<>“We were still all trying to grasp how it was like to run a restaurant then. The next day, we closed down because we ran out of ingredients,” recalls Lim. “Each day that we were open was a learning experience for us. It still is until now, 10 years into the business and three restaurants later.”


Each day after opening day for the Quezon City restaurant, Lim would open the restaurant, check the supplies, the cutlery, and the plates, attend to guests, train the wait staff, and close the restaurant.


It took two months before the first branch “stabilized” and its operations achieved a certain routine and a semblance of normalcy. But for Lim, those two months were the most crucial months of his life as a restaurateur, as they taught him everything he had to learn about running a restaurant—outside the kitchen.


“As the owner, you have to be very hands-on with the business. You have to check and know everything,” he says. At present, Little Asia has three outlets—in Quezon City, Taguig and San Juan. “Running a restaurant is more than having delicious meals. It’s a given that you have to have delicious dishes, but there is so much more to learn aside from that,” Lim says.



After a decade of being in the business, Lim still busses tables, serve customers, and helps in the kitchen. But he is now also able to sit back and plan the growth of his restaurants

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