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You don\\\'t have to do it all alone

Want the fastest route towards business success? Join a "Mastermind Group"
By Aileen Santos |

"The most successful entrepreneurs I know aren\\\'t loners," says Thomas Harrison, business owner and author of Instinct: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial DNA to Achieve Your Business Goals. "(On the) contrary, most have a solid network of people who help them test their thinking."

Cash-flow and marketing consultant Kendall Summerhawk puts it this way: "When we\\\'re working by ourselves, from home, it\\\'s easy to feel busy without actually making progress. Or to get distracted with laundry, Twitter or answering e-mail even though those aren\\\'t the tasks that will help us leap our business forward."

Both Thomas and Kendall agree that the fastest way towards business success is by joining other people who are similarly committed to their goals, thereby keeping you motivated and on track. In short: join a "Mastermind Group."

Mastermind Groups are not a new idea. In fact, Napoleon Hill wrote about their power in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich, after witnessing Thomas Edison and Henry Ford (who belonged to the same Mastermind) powerfully create and dominate their industries.


And it\\\'s not just for entrepreneurs, either: Some of the most enduring works of fiction--Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and Dracula to be exact--were all created by members of the same writers\\\' group within roughly the same decade, published one after the other.

Many industry, business, and denominational organizations have their own versions of mastermind groups, and some executive coaches also offer mastermind group facilitation services to help you reach your goals faster.

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