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10 franchise opportunities for the summer season

Check out these franchise opportunities.
By KC Calpo |

Just like that, we\\\'re on the fifth month of 2013 — and really feeling the heat, with temperatures regularly hitting 34ºC-36ºC. (Yeah, we know.) There\\\'s no better time to get entrepreneurial than right now: people are leaving the city in droves for much-deserved vacations; expanding their wardrobes with proper and light summer attire; downing more liquids to quench their thirst; and putting more emphasis on personal maintenance. All these lead to business opportunities that shouldn\\\'t be passed up!


A quick look at our franchise directory gave us 10 franchise listings (listed here in alphabetical order) that are just right for this sweltering summer season — and will continue to work for you even when the rains come in. And if these ten franchising opportunities don\\\'t do it for you, you\\\'ll certainly find more in the directory!

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