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10 questions before you franchise

Before opening your business to franchisees, you must first satisfy some important questions
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We have come across franchisers with nothing else to offer the franchise applicants but a franchise agreement. While this is an important document in franchising, it is only one of the many components of the franchise system. You have to put a number of things in place before you open your doors to franchising.


Below are several of the questions you must answer before you entertain any franchise inquiry:

QUESTION 1: What is your franchise business model? How would you know if the franchisee would make money or not?


QUESTION 2: What is your value proposition to the market?

QUESTION 3: What are your reasons for franchising the business?

QUESTION 4: What are your short- and long-term goals?

QUESTION 5: Who will be involved in franchising?

QUESTION 6: What are the franchise fees and royalties, its breakdown and computations?

QUESTION 7: What are the phases of the application process and the rationalization of each phase?

QUESTION 8: How will you evaluate franchise applicants?

QUESTION 9: What franchise organization will you set up?

QUESTION 10: What support and assistance will you provide prior to opening and while the franchise is operational?

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