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10 reasons to go into franchising [Part 2]

Why should you consider franchising.
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There is no doubt about your aspiration to become an entrepreneur but the question remains -- to start your own business or to get a franchise? asked 10 franchise entrepreneurs to give us a reason why we should opt to franchise instead of starting our own business.

The second set of five answers are below:

6. We started to franchise because there was a deluge of interest from people worldwide who have experienced the uniqueness of our 4 pizza-in-a-box. Personal size concepts have endeared us to consumers and would also be franchise partners. Seeing our franchise partners grow as entrepreneurs and make it on their own as multi-unit owners is a fulfillment on its own.—Kerwin Thomas Tansekiao, Pizza Pedrico’s franchisor

7. We decided to franchise Zen Zest and Scent Station to expand the business better and faster. Also, so that we can open outlets in far-off provinces that we and our area managers cannot visit anymore. Franchising is one way to further expand the brand and the business. It would be very hard and slow, and will require a big amount of investment, if all outlets were company owned.—Michelle Asence-Fontelera, Zen Zest franchisor


8. We felt franchising was one of the most appropriate models for expansion for us, who are in the tourism business. Islands Souvenirs is a national brand, so we felt that a franchisee would be important in adding that “local touch” to our stores and product line.  Each store in different destinations around the country has its own identity, and designs that project the true character of place.—Jay Aldeguer, Islands Souvenirs franchisor

9. We franchise because some Hero customers wanted to duplicate the successful concept of Hero Sausages. We also wanted to provide employment and contribute to our society’s progress. Through franchising, we are paying forward and sharing the blessings with those who believe.—Rose Lee, Hero Sausages franchisor

10. When I started Crave Burger in Iloilo in 2007, it was already with the goal of eventually opening up to franchising. So when I felt it was the right time, we did. I have a good name and I believe in our products. I also have a passion for food and customer service.—Sen Javellana, Crave Burger franchisor



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