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3 add-on concepts from leading water franchise brand

The new concepts are Maid for the Day, Best Mobile Wazzers and Hemmingbird.
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EntrepRises is the country’s first fully customizable business from Aquabest, the leading water franchise brand. It allows franchisees to select from packages that would allow them to create their ideal franchise model.  


The company’s CEO, Carson Tan, says the new concept was developed in response to the changing industry landscape. This shift he says is occurring in all industries as companies seek to differentiate their products.


“We want to change the people’s attitudes about water; it doesn’t have to be just another commodity you can actually make it better by adding value by introducing additional services. By diversifying our franchisees product line they can increase their returns. In line with this we would like to shift our stores from merely providing clean water to also providing other services like housekeeping, carwash, and alterations” says Tan.


The company has sought to further build upon its success by giving franchisees to choose from three add-on businesses. The add-on services are the Maid for the Day, Best Mobile Wazzers, Hemmingbird. All these concepts are designed to complement each other and will address the needs of the communities they are located in. The combination of all these concepts allows Aquabest franchisees to leverage on their current water treatment business.



Maid for the Day is a per-hour housekeeping service aimed at young professionals. Best Mobile Wazzers is the first car wash delivery service that offers car wash on demand. Hemmingbird is an alteration service aimed at servicing clients who would like to have alterations done to their clothes while having them cleaned. The best thing about these add-on businesses is they generate additional income for the franchisee without more investment in space or staff.


In the meantime, the add-on concepts are only available to all Aquabest franchise holders. Customized investment packages start at P200,000 for  Hemmingbird. For details, contact the company here.


Aquabest has a network of 500 stores and is the leading player in the water franchising industry. Interested in an Aquabest franchise? Click here.

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