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4 strategies to make your food cart business stand out

There is a bigger need for strong market engagement when you have a small business model such as a cart.
By Rafael Santos |

To say that Filipinos are merely "brand conscious" would be an understatement. In a country where personalities are worshipped, having a stand out brand can help your business grow significantly, whether you have a cart business, a shop, or an online venture

But how does one go about building the foundations of a successful brand? Especially with cart businesses, it all starts with the visuals, and conditioning how people perceive your business.

Some of the recognizable kiosk business ideas include Cane Twist, a healthy beverage concept founded by Shiela Yap, and Shanghai Siomai, the dimsum business of Gilbert Jim. asked them to share some of the ways they make their businesses have a huge following.

Since their respective businesses are food carts situated in high foot traffic areas, Yap and Jim put a premium on cart design and color schemes. They both agree that in a volume driven market like malls and public places, stiffer competition puts an onus on the business to stand out.


"You must settle on a color scheme for your food cart first. Then, you have to mind the font you use, because it has to be attractive but at the same time not too loud. Make sure that your color and font schemes are in harmony, because a confusing or off-putting design can easily turn off customers," Jim says.

For her part, Yap says arriving at a final layout and theme should be done before you open your first store. She speaks from experience, having gone through numerous designs before finally settling on the one she currently uses, which she also plans to tweak in the next few months.

"I had a vision of what I wanted my food cart to look like, but then when I got the mall permit, they only allowed me to sell certain products. That torpedoed my original designs, which I had already built by then. So, I had to adjust the design as a stop gap measure, and I plan to change it soon," she said.


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