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7 reasons why you should get a franchise

It goes beyond the profits
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Franchising is not only the means for big companies to expand their business, it is also a way for the ordinary Filipino to try their hands in entrepreneurship. asked Francorp Philippines\\\' chief executive officer Bing Sibal-Limjoco for reasons why Filipinos who want to become entrepreneurs should choose franchising as an option.

She gave us the following reasons:

1. “Be your own boss”
With franchising, entrepreneurs actually man their own stores and run businesses like their own. Not because it is a franchise brand it means that you don\\\'t have to work for it.

2. No previous experience necessary in most cases
The good thing about franchising is that it doesn\\\'t require you to have an experience in running a business. In a franchise set up, everything is mostly in place that that you just have to open the business and man the daily operations.

3. Established total concept
From the branding to the products, a franchise has set it all up for you. And most importantly, most of these have been established before even put in the franchise market.


4. Trademark
In franchising, you borrow or lease the more established brands and their concepts. Can business be easier than that?

5. Proven system of operation
While you will have to run the business, there is already a system that has been proven to be efficient and effective.

6. An identity
There is no need for you to spend on advertising as the brand that you are using is already familiar to Filipinos.

7. Standardized products and systems
Suppliers and the quality of products will be the least of your concerns in a franchise set-up.


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