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A water refill business that's ready to go

A pure and simple franchise concept is made available by Vesi Vann Corporation through an innovation in the water refilling business, Water Boy™.
By Reggie Reginaldo |

Water Boy FranchiseTo some people, drinking water is just that: drinking water.  You get it out of the tap, or buy bottled versions from the supermarket, or get a refill from the neighborhood water refilling station.  But have you ever stopped to consider just how safe is that water you're drinking?


Vesi Vann Corporation, through its flagship brand Water Boy™, now offers Filipinos easy access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water.  This can be seen mirrored in their choice of company name, with Vesi, a Finnish word and Vann, a Norwegian word with both referring to "water".

"We are committed to providing the best purified water to all of our customers", explained Richard Uy, president of Vesi Vann (Water Boy). "Our water shall be produced via modern and sanitary equipment adhering to most stringent quality standards and laboratory testing procedures performed by well-trained, qualified and competent technicians and microbiologists."

What differentiates Water Boy from the usual water refilling station is that they observe Complete Cycle Quality Assurance™ every step of the way. From using a fully-automated system, observing patented one-time-use cap process, and implementing a protective packaging of their containers to employing a full-time microbiologist to conduct lab tests on-site, Water Boy confidently stands behind their product.


To ensure the high quality of their product, Water Boy has raised the bar in observing a standard of production.  For one, they have placed themselves under the jurisdiction of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which opens them to spot audit checks and plant visits.  The FDA also requires Water Boy to adhere to a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), a Sanitary Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP) and a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Water Boy also has an in-house laboratory that is fully equipped to check on the quality of their product with every run. Counter-checking this is product test by a government-accredited laboratory twice a year.

When it comes to sanitizing the bottles, handling the water, and filling the bottles, Water Boy ensures that contamination is kept out. Starting with their fully-automated machine that dispenses with human handling, down to a separate filling room where the purified water is channeled into sanitized bottles, careful attention is paid to maintaining the high level of quality that Water Boy delivers.


And in the end, the product speaks for itself. Compared to most of its water refilling competitors, Water Boy boasts of truly purified water with less than 10 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which rates the level of purity of the filtration process. This also translates to a longer product shelf life of at least six months. 

Retirees, business owners, or property managers looking for a profitable venture can check out the franchising package. Interested in having your own water business up and running in as little as two weeks? You can start at your own home without worrying about investing in machine and renovation. Get in touch with Water Boy for more information. View their contact details here.

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