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An entrepreneur shares her franchise story

A Binalot franchisee tells us how she decided to be her own boss
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Starting your own business is already a daunting task in itself. But so is selecting the right franchise brand that will be your stepping stone in your journey to becoming your own boss.

Annalyn Sayat of Cainta, Rizal, narrated to how she decided to be her own boss and what convinced her to buy a franchise.

“I knew that I was ready for a business when I felt exhausted being an employee and that I realized that I\\\'ve been putting up so much great effort and time to my work. I thought that I might as well do it on my own business with the advantage of having my own time, my own boss and my own terms,” says Sayat.
As it was her first time to be in business, Sayat decided to take the franchising route.

“I don\\\'t also have the technical know-how in running a business especially with the human resources and accounting area that is why I opted for a franchise that already has a system and structure,” says Sayat.

With all the franchising options that were available to her, Sayat had a simple consideration as to the franchising brand that she would want – it has to be something that she had faith in, something that she can promote and be proud of and something that she is passionate about.

"My first experience with Binalot was during a trip to Subic.  We ordered food at Binalot Subic branch everyday that we\\\'re there, tasting every variety.  And we really enjoyed the food and the concept itself of Binalot and we thought, why not have one of our own and the rest is history,” says Sayat.

But what made Binalot stand out from the rest of the franchise options she had? “First is the quality of the food. Second, I liked the concept and its advocacy. Third, it had very reasonable prices,” says Sayat.

It has been two years since Sayat decided to be her own boss and has since enjoyed her decision to be a Binalot franchisee at Alphaland Southgate Mall, Makati.

“First, do your own research about the company, their system, the location everything.  Second, do the math because everything will depend on this. And finally, give it your all and the rest is up to God,” says Sayat.


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