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Back to basics: Tutoring Club

Running a foreign franchise as your first venture could be quite a handful.
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Running a foreign franchise as your first venture could be quite a handful. This entrepreneur shows how  sticking to the basics can turn the odds in your favor.


For first-time entrepreneurs, bringing in foreign concepts is twice the challenge. While just starting to learn the business, they also have to meet high standards set by their franchisors abroad. Mastering the business fundamentals is key to increasing the chances of success, whatever the industry may be. The local owners of Tutoring Club took the basics to heart, and in turn, did wonders for their businesses.


Fill a gap

Even before the Department of Education launched the K-12 basic education reform program, the Tutoring Club Philippines has been introducing international standards in reading, writing and mathematics to elementary and high-school students.


Opened in late 2007 by United States-based Filipino real-estate entrepreneur Rico Bautista, Tutoring Club Philippines offers skill-based tutoring service and guarantees progress to at least one full-grade level after 32 hours of tutoring.



“This means that there are no shortcuts and each student has to go through the modules and tests in the program in their assessed level,” says Rocky Javier, acting chief operating officer of the local franchise. The brand is a popular concept in the private education industry, with over 220 branches in the US and Canada.


While all the modules and learning materials are imported from the US, they are customized for each student’s diagnosed level in each subject area. Tutors assess the students’ progress regularly.


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