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Brand mascots: what role do they play?

Tips on how your mascot should look like
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Mascots are an integral part of a company’s brand. And it usually works in revving up the brand’s sales. But do you really understand how a mascot should look like, aside from the fact that it should be cute? asked mascot designer Josh Wilson to shed some light on the mystery of the mascot. "Mascots are one of your most highly visible yet inexpensive forms of marketing," says Wilson. "They can help you create media excitement, build brand value and sell product. But you\\\'ve got to use them."

While there are a hundred of things that you must consider in designing your brand or company mascot, Wilson suggests that these five tips be always kept in mind:

1. Ensure the image is happy.

Happy mascots translate into happy customers.

2. Use bright colors.

You literally want to stop traffic with the costume.

3. Try being bold.

Don\\\'t worry if it\\\'s never been done before. Wilson created a mascot with a big nose for decongestant brand Sudafed.

4. Make sure the character is cuddly.


Kids will often want to hug your mascot.

5. Design the costume for agility.

Your mascot can water-ski or sky-dive if the costume is designed right.


Mascots can also be great shorthand for what your company is PR agency Quinn & Co. founder Florence Quinn says in this article.


During the opening ceremonies of this year’s 10th Filipino Franchise Show at the World Trade Center, took photos of some of our homegrown brands\\\' mascots. Among the nine mascots, which one do you think reflects the brand’s message clearly? Post your answers in the comment section.

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