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Chic-Boy: The chicken and baboy love affair

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For many entrepreneurs, it’s not enough to have just one business. Francis Juan, owner of the decade-old Pier One Bar and Grill, knew he had to start another food business, but his main challenge was finding the right product to sell.

“He wanted to have a new business but he did not have a product in mind,” says Francis’s niece, Cat Juan, marketing manager of Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corp. “We wanted to tap a different market: people on-the-go. So when he was in Cebu and got to try Cebu lechon manok and lechon liempo, he finally found what to sell.”

At first, the company set up takeout counters of Cebu lechon manok and Cebu lechon liempo under the name Chic-Boy in order to test the market. After two years, the takeout counters grew to six outlets (five company-owned and one franchised). It was then that they decided to open its first full-blown Chic-Boy restaurant on Jupiter Street in Makati City. “We were then ready for the challenge,” says Cat.

Having been in the food business for 10 years, the group already had the knowhow and the equipment needed to run Chic-Boy. Cat explains, “We already have the management team, manual and rules for franchising, and the commissary.”

But a decade of experience did not mean that the group knew everything—running a bar and grill was different from running a fast food. For one, Chic-Boy was open 24/7. In a sense, “managing fast food is easier, as there are not so many offerings. But we have to learn how to adjust in terms of our stock levels. We also have to adjust the operating hours since this is a business that doesn’t sleep,” says Cat.

Having grown Pier One Bar and Grill to nine branches including two in Cebu, the company also uses the franchise business model for Chic-Boy. “Franchising is the fastest way to expand and get a bigger market share. It also provides opportunities for other entrepreneurs,” she explains.

The pioneer store has three shifts for its employees since it runs 24/7, serving around 500 to 600 visitors a day. For future branches though, running 24/7 is not a prerequisite. “It depends on the store’s location,” says Cat.

For now, the group is not planning to increase the number of its takeout outlets. “There’s greater potential in dine-in but we’re keeping our takeout counters,” she says, adding that more takeout counters might take resources away from establishing more dine-in stores.

Chic-Boy’s main products are Cebu lechon liempo and Cebu lechon manok but they also carry some of Pier One Bar and Grill products. Targeting value-seekers and people-on-the-go, its meal prices range from P49 (meal without a drink) to P124 (complete meal with unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea). “Chic-Boy is for the market that wants value for money,” says Juan.

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