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Chicharific: A recipe for success

This local company banked on a unique recipe for a popular snack to become a dominant market brand
By Max V. De Leon |

If there\\\'s a local brand that has become synonymous with \\\'chicharon\\\' (dish made out of pork rinds), it has to be Lapid\\\'s.

Indeed, Bards Lapid Montanido, owner of the J. E. Lapid’s Chichariffic! said it is probably because of their long history in the business, as well as in the perfection they’ve attained in the preparation and cooking of this all-time Filipino favorite. “Our chicharon is very crunchy, there is no hard part even in the inside part. I think we perfected that in our cooking. Our customers say it, you cannot compare it to others.” Montanido told Entrepreneur Philippines.

Montanido said the Lapid’s trade secret that really makes the difference is in the manner they prepare their chicharon pellets. It involves no sun drying, an innovation she credits to her father, Federico Lapid Sr.



The elder Lapid, a native of Guagua, Pampanga, used to be a meat dealer. In the 70s, he started his chicharon business until he discovered a way to prepare the pellets without the sun drying process, a practice that made the business unfeasible during rainy season.



He then converted part of the family’s ancestral home in Sampaloc, Manila to a chicharon factory and started distributing the products to some stores. Later on, he established his own chain of stores, which also sold other processed meat products.

“But our stores became more famous for our chicharon,” Montanido said. Before long, Federico also allowed his relatives to get into the business using the Lapid brand. After a while though, the elder Lapid\\\'s reluctance to seek outside assistance almost doomed the fledgling business, Montinado shared.

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