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Chowking re-launches brand

Chinese fast food restaurant identifies young, hard-working Pinoys as main market
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Chowking, the Chinese fast food restaurant of the Jollibee group, is repositioning itself as a brand for the “young, working adults”, who seek success to help their family. [Read Jollibee group reports robust earnings growth here]

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Chowking executives said they felt that the brand needed to finally identify who their target market is and build the brand according to the needs and preferences of the particular segment.

Edward Arandia, Chowking marketing director, told that although the “young, working adults” segment has always been the identified target of the fast food chain, the brand is now seeking to establishing an “emotional connection” with their customers by tapping on their aspirations. [Read how rebranding helped Greenwich in boosting image here]

“Since 1985, when Chowking started operating in the Philippines, there’s really no major effort to position the brand image so now we sought to find out what Chowking really is and what does the brand stand for,” Arandia said.

“We found out that the young, working adult Filipinos seek success but it’s not their end goal, but it’s just a way to improve their lives and  their families. These young, working adult Filipinos are the ates and the kuyas in the family.”

In re-launching the Chowking brand, Arandia said the company considered three factors about their target market:

1.    Pricing

Arandia noted that their target market is sensitive to price adjustments, thus Chowking’s thrust of serving “quality and modern Chinese food” that have great value.

2.    Taste

       “We strive to continue delivering great products and that has fueled our R&D team to research thoroughly and come up with the taste that suited the Filipino palate although we serve Chinese food,” he said.

3.    Location and place

“The retail area is very important. Because the young, working adults are hard-working, we want to make sure that we provide them relaxing ambience in dining,” Arandia added. [See 10 restaurant ideas here]

In terms of advertising, Arandia said that owing to the lifestyle of their target market, above the line marketing gets the lion’s share of Chowking’s advertising budget.

“Television commercials will continue to be our priority but we are also in the internet,” he said. [See marketing and advertiisng tips from Kraft Foods here]

Together with the brand’s re-launch, Chowking also  introduced its latest offering – Tender Beef Broccoli sold at P99 with a drink or P125 as a lauriat with pancit canton, chicharap, fried dumpling, buchi, plain rice and a drink.

Chowking has over 400 stores and has presence in Indonesia, Middle East and the US.

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