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3 Facebook functions every franchise should use

Use the right tools, functions so your Facebook page will stand out and engage well.
By Sam Christopher Lim |


Facebook for franchise
INSIGHTS. From their favorite restaurant or café pages, to media and news publishing sites, as well as shopping and retail favorites, audience insights give you a good glimpse into the lives of your followers. Photo from Thinkstock



With over 45 million Facebook users in the Philippines, and every Filipino spending an average of 2.5 hours on their mobile every day, Facebook continues to be a strong platform for brands and companies to engage with their customers.



Managing your Facebook presence can sometimes get complicated once you enter franchising, especially when various stores are owned by different franchisees.  


Through personal research, experience managing various Facebook pages, and speaking with experts, I’ve captured three features that has helped entrepreneurs grow tremendously both in engagement and sales through Facebook pages.



1. Location

Have you ever tried searching for your favorite brand, but instead of finding the main brand page you can only see one of its locations? Instead of a page bustling with conversation, important information and engaging content, you only see the page of one of the branches, with very local content that is not relevant to you?


Such is an issue that franchisors face as every branch is owned by a different franchisee who then creates their own pages. So customers wanting to engage your brand have to trawl through various pages to find your master brand page.



The location function solves this, by allowing brand owners to create a master page and link every location into the master page. Customers who go to your page will then see every location, and would know which locations are closest to them. And as a brand owner, you have visibility of all the different pages, but still giving franchisees full control of their individual pages.


Activating the function is easy: Go to the support page, and send Facebook a message to help activate your location function. From there you can add new locations or bring together various existing locations into your master brand page.



2. Look-alike audiences

Most advertisers would know the power of targeting on Facebook. But to really maximize targeting, Facebook has a look-alike function that allows entrepreneurs to create audiences that look-alike an existing database.


Have a list of 500 people who have recently bought from you? You can then create 500,000 or a million people who have similar characteristics as them.



Whether it is an email database of customers, those who have already liked your pages, or people who have visited your site, look alike audiences allows you to create a wider audience that have similar characteristics as your database. This allows you to spend your precious marketing budget on the right market.



3. Audience insights

Most entrepreneurs have little budget to research their customers or their target market. Although nothing substitutes from focused research on understanding a specific target audience with particular questions and methodologies, Facebook’s insights still gives a good glimpse of your audience.


Accessed through your ad manager, Audience Insights allows you to choose specific target markets and understand their job titles, pages they interact with, relationship statuses, education level, and many more.


From their favorite restaurant or café pages, to media and news publishing sites, as well as shopping and retail favorites, audience insights give you a good glimpse into the lives of your followers.



By narrowing your audience to those who engage with your page for example, you are able to understand their demographics, but more importantly which other pages and brands they interact with, giving you the opportunity to understand who your competitors are, or also who your potential partners can be.


Facebook is being used by millions of entrepreneurs to engage with their customers every day. By using the right tools and functions, you can make sure that your page stands out from the rest and engages with the right people at the right moments. 


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Chris is the senior vice president for marketing and strategy of Francorp Philippines; president of U-Franchise Sales & Management; and chairperson and director for special projects, ASEAN integration-Philippine Franchise Association.

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