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Franchise Your Way to Business Success!

What you need to know to succeed in franchising
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When visiting another country, we make sure that we have a travel guide at hand.

After purchasing a new gadget, we browse through the manual first.

The same preparation or attitude should be applied in entrepreneurship and franchising.

Although franchising means proven business models and systems, being clueless or unprepared may cost a startup entrepreneur’s money, time and effort, regardless of the franchise brand’s previous success. [See five must-haves in franchising here]

Entrepreneur Philippines, together with the Philippine Franchise Association, launched “Franchise Your Way to Business Success” bookazine specifically to help an entrepreneur navigate his way from startup to success.

In life, just as well as in business, there is no better teacher than experience.

 The bookazine offers the story of some of the country’s most successful franchise brands – from starting the business to growing it and finally making it big.  [See five things to consider in choosing  a franchise brand here]
Also, the special edition bookazine provides a one-step guide on laws, taxes as well as incentives and tax holidays that a startup venture may enjoy.

“This is the mission of this book: To open the eyes of entrepreneurs to what franchising really is, that franchising per se is not a magic wand, which when merely flicked can turn the proverbial lead into gold, that franchising entails work and study, persistence and skill in order for it to succeed,” says Leah del Castillo, editor in chief of Entrepreneur Philippines.

The bookazine also shares guides to determine an aspiring entrepreneur’s readiness to buy his dream franchise  and steps to forging a better relationship with one’s franchisor. [Find out what makes a franchise company successful here]

The Franchise Your Way to Business Success is sold at various newsstands and bookstores nationwide.


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