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How to buy your own Ministop store

Are you considering possibly owning and operating one of the Ministop stores in the future? Get to know the procedure on how to buy a franchise of one of the leading convenience stores in the country today.
By Renz Lyndon Paguio |
How to buy your own Ministop store


It was December 2000 when an international convenience store brand arrived in the country. It logically brought balance to the convenience store competition market as it broke the monopoly of a then popular American brand of convenience stores.

Almost 14 years later, Ministop continues to trek its way to the top of the convenience store industry. It has likewise become one of the most trusted stores locally when it comes to offering fresh and quality products that can be readily consumed and enjoyed.

Preparing to buy a franchise

If you’re interested in Ministop as a business venture, here are some tips on how to get started.

Ministop_7.JPGAttending the Ministop Franchise Presentation is a recommended first step for you to learn more about the brand. There are Area Franchise Managers that can be approached within the session if you need to directly make inquiries or state your intention to apply to become a franchisee.

Upon submission of a franchise application, a designated team will perform an ocular inspection and conduct a feasibility study to identify and assess the potential of the proposed site/location. This is an important procedure since the company wants to make sure the necessary factors are present to ensure store success.

You could also opt to let Ministop assign a good site to you. The company already has a list of strategic places to put up new stores. It can assign any of those sites to an approved franchisee. Usually, promising sites for new locations include communities where there are call centers, commercial buildings, institutional establishments, transport hubs, school zones, and busy neighborhoods.

Signing the deal

To finalize the deal, you will be asked to sign the Franchise Agreement. It entails payment of the specified franchise fee, which should be settled within a specified period and through specified means.

Ministop_1.JPGAs a new franchisee, you would be required to attend a Franchisee Training Module. This is an opportunity for new business partners like you to get to know more how the brand operates. Startup entrepreneurs would get the necessary training to prepare them for operating and managing their own Ministop store.

After the submission of necessary business permits/licenses and other pertinent documents, you can now open your own Ministop store. From there, expect the company to continuously provide guidance and support to make the business work.

For inquiries, check out Ministop’s online directory listing here.


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