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Is Franchising for You?

Book seeks to educate people on franchise investments
By Entrepreneur Staff |
Is Franchising for You?

Franchising remains the easiest and most popular route of going into entrepreneurship in the Philippines. With success stories of low investment rates and high returns, Filipinos look at franchising as their ticket to financial security.

But is franchising really for you?

Armando Bartolome, one of the country’s top franchising experts, launched his latest book "Is Franchising for You?" to help aspiring entrepreneurs answer questions about franchising.

With step-by-step procedures and guides, Bartolome’s book  also aims to help people identify which   franchise brand suits them.

Besides franchising tips,  the book also helps people conduct their own site analysis, investment analysis, franchise agreement, and gives them a heads up on questions that they need to ask the franchise company.

In the past few months, businesses using franchising as a tool has become popular and the term franchising has also been used to scam the unsuspecting public  of their hard-earned money.

“There is a need for the public to be properly educated before plunging their hard earned money into a franchising investment,” Bartolome said.

Bartolome is behind the GMB Franchise Developers Inc. and has assisted numerous entrepreneurs who began their  microbusinesses and turned these brands into some of the leading names in the country. Brands like Mang Inasal, Gingersnaps, Potato Corner, Brothers Burger, World Chicken, and Bayad Center are a  just few of the brands that have  sought  Bartolome's assistance.

Armando Bartolome
(02) 359.6801

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