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Mang Inasal: Not your usual startup story

It\\\'s amazing enough that this business grew from 0 to 150 stores in six years. But there are many more extraordinary stories to this company
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Successful business ventures often start with an idea an entrepreneur hatches, slowly builds up and takes to market. Planning and controlling often occupy the top of every aspiring businessman's to-do list before he even starts leasing space and producing products.

As it turns out, there are always exceptions to the rule, even in business.

Take for instance Edgar Injap Sia. For him, taking advantage of a great opportunity outweighs all the planning known to man, which explains why he took up a vacant mall space in his hometown of Iloilo City without a plan on what to do with it.

After a few weeks of conceptualizing, Sia decided to put up a restaurant offering an Ilonggo staple called inasal (chicken barbecue) in a city that was already teeming with versions of the same product. But due to his relentless work ethic, Sia's Mang Inasal restaurant became a critical and dominant success in the Visayas region in no time.


After establishing a good foothold in that region, he then set his sights on conquering the holy grail of every Filipino businessman: taking his concept to Luzon, specifically the make-or-break capital city, Metro Manila.

"I was not very familiar with Manila, because I was born and raised in Visayas. I only visited once a year, and it was usually for very short stays. So I knew I was in for quite a challenge taking Mang Inasal to Luzon," he said.

For the full story on the success and ongoing expansion of Mang Inasal, grab a copy of the November 2009 issue of Entrepreneur magazine.  

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