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What makes a foreign franchise work?

Learn from last year\\\'s winners on how they made foreign franchise brands work here in the country
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Foreign franchises are particularly attractive ventures, offering tried-and-tested systems that have seen success abroad. Internationally established names also hold a particular allure, as more Filipinos travel and become familiar with such brands.

Foreign franchises do come with their own set of challenges— they require larger amounts of capital, a longer set-up phase, and extensive amounts of research—as compared to their local counterparts. New concepts and offerings may also need to be localized to accommodate cultural differences and mindsets. Travel and communication efforts with the franchise headquarters are also necessary, even before a franchise agreement is signed.

But if one were to overcome these challenges, then a foreign franchise is definitely worth looking into. Not only is it a chance to pioneer new opportunities in the local market, it also offers an education and experience in conducting business internationally.

Here are two of our Best Foreign Franchise awardees this year.

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