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What makes a franchise company successful?

Qualities of an excellent franchise brand, according to an industry expert.
By Armando "Butz" O. Bartolome |

Q: What are the qualities of a successful franchise company?

A: 1.       Involvement of the franchisor

 For the company to be successful, the franchisor is always on top of the situation. He or she may have started the business from scratch and have grown with a strong organization.

However the franchisor remains active and always looks forward in calculated growth, careful selection of franchisees and building a strong team.

2.       Adaptability and Innovative

Successful franchises are always on the lookout for better and effective ways . This may be in exploring untapped territories to put up a branch; for some it may be looking at improving equipments while others may concentrate in coming up with strategies to attract more customers.

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