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13 brands catching the Pokemon Go fever

Gotta catch them all!
By Entrepreneur Staff |

Almost a week since the much-awaited Pokemon Go game went live in the Philippines, local brands have started to catch up on its hype with creative marketing campaigns and promo deals.


The augmented reality game requires its players to travel to different locations to catch rare Pokemon. Since then, throngs of players have spread across cities with their eyes on their smartphones.


Here’s how local brands are joining the hype:


Malls have slated “lure parties” this Friday until the weekend, to increase foot traffic and well, lure some pokemon and customers too. When a player drops a “lure” in a specific Pokestop (key locations that are usually establishments), pokemon and trainers will surely be in abundance. 


Ayala Malls


Robinsons Malls



SM Malls



Victoria Court

Motel line Victoria Court joined in the Pokemon party too. 




Ride sharing app Grab was one of the first to use Pokemon Go as part of its marketing campaign, with a special promo code on the day it went live.




Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts took the opportunity to create a hype on its own application by cleverly directing its customers to its branches. 




And since the game requires some traveling, Lazada joined the bandwagon by introducing some gears for trainers—power bank and water jugs included—while they go on their quest. 




Even despite the rainy season, some dedicated trainers still try to find that rare Charizard and Blastoise, increasing their chances of getting sick. Pharmaceutical company was fast enough to preempt such scenario with a friendly reminder for some trainers on the road.



For some brands, their copywriters surely had a heyday with these catchy ads. 


Cebu Pacific




Pancake House









Lay Bare


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