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5 Times Pop Culture Has Celebrated Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

From a movie, a TV show to a Japanese girl group, check out these homages
By Nina Zipkin |

Bloomberg | Getty Images


While Bitcoin continues to both become more accepted in some markets and completely banned in others and its value continues to fluctuate, there has been an odd side effect of the cryptocurrency’s influence -- it has become the inspiration for pop culture in somewhat unexpected ways.


Check out five times Bitcoin has had a starring role in movies, music, TV and more.




1. Film

Bitcoin Heist is a 2016 film written and directed by Vietnamese director Ham Tran that puts the cryptocurrency at the center of a glossy, Oceans 11-style action movie that is actually available now on Netflix.



2. Rap

There is a rapper out there named CoinDaddy -- a former real estate agent named Arya Bahmanyar -- who made a song called "Crypto Life" about, you guessed it, cryptocurrency.



3. Television

This might be the poster child for the idea of “peak TV:” an hour long drama called Startup, starring Ron Perlman, Martin Freeman and Adam Brody. The show is in its second season on Sony’s streaming platform Crackle. The inciting incident is the emergence of a brand new cryptocurrency.




4. Pop Music

A Japanese pop group called Kasotsuka Shojo recently came on the scene. The name of the band translates to Virtual Currency Girls. Each of the eight members represent a different kind of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. They wear masks with the cryptocurrency symbols on them. Their first single is called “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me."



5. Fine art

Bitcoin seems to have inspired many artists, enough to have exhibitions with cryptocurrency as the central theme. In 2014, a startup living space called 20Mission in San Francisco held a Bitcoin Art Show.






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