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Applying Feng Shui to Your Business this 2017

With feng shui, you can achieve the delicate balance between man and nature, and be happier, more content, and even more successful along the way. Learn how from practitioner and expert Francis Gaw.

Everyone could use some balance in their lives, and when you’re a business owner, it’s very important to be at peace with your surroundings, your peers, and yourself. This Chinese New Year, improve your work life with Feng Shui, as discussed by one of the country’s leading practitioners Mr. Francis Gaw.

A brief background of feng shui
But first, what exactly is feng shui?  Regarding terminology, feng stands for air, while shui stands for water. Feng shui is a science that has been studied and followed by emperors, geomancers, and astrologers all over the world for hundreds of years. Francis describes it as balancing man with nature.

A common misconception about feng shui is that it is a religion, which Francis is quick to debunk. He shares, “With regards to Jesus, with regards to Allah, with regards to Buddha … that is man in relation with religion.  But with regards to environmentalists, conservationists and feng shui that is man in relation with nature. And then with our laws, bylaws, constitution, company policy, house policy…that is man in relation with man. So I do believe, in our life, we have three laws to follow: the law of God, the law of nature, and the law of man.”

Applying feng shui to your business
Before we get right into it, it’s important to know that feng shui is applied on a very case-to-case basis. Usually, Francis visits companies himself and instructs owners on how to improve their workspaces, construct schedules and even hire employees. But he was able to give us some general tips that can get you started on applying feng shui to your business, whatever it may be.

A good workspace should be well-ventilated, bright, and should make you feel comfortable the moment you enter. As Francis says, “When you see an office and you feel comfortable, maaliwalas siya, and it’s bright … take that office.  But if you feel something wrong, tumaas ang balahibo mo o ‘ang bigat-bigat dito’ … don’t try to take it. If you want to really take it, [consult] someone who can fix it.”

Have crystals in the office. It’s more than a superstition–science has found that crystals release piezoelectricity, which comes from compressed materials. Francis himself uses crystals for their positive energy, and encourages his clients to have crystals in their offices (or even wear them) as well.

Get to know your superstitions. In the long list of superstitions, about 30% should be followed. If you do want luck to enter your workspace, you’ll have to do your research and talk to a credible, trustworthy practitioner to know which ones to live by.

Sustainability is key. “For businesses nowadays, the secret is only one word: sustainability,” he says frankly. “The more you can sustain your online business, the more time you are in the market, the more people you would know, the more people would know you, the more opportunities you would have because you have sustained it so long. Sustain your business, and one day you will harvest your crop.”

Follow the three laws of man. Admittedly, there are so many variables in applying feng shui that they can’t possibly be listed in just one article. Do consider talking to a practitioner who can look at your business, because feng shui works on a case-to-case basis. But in everything else, remember and obey the three laws that govern man, and you should be well on your way to living a more peaceful life both in and out of the office.

Take note of predictions. When we asked about his predictions for 2017, Francis advises not to expect drastic changes this year. Since its element, fire, hasn’t changed from that of 2016, there will not be a lot of big developments in the business industry in 2017, whether in trends or technology. Wait for 2018 (when the element changes from fire to earth) for those changes to come. However, businesses related to fire may be luckier this year, like restaurants or other food businesses.

In the end, it’s not all about luck. Francis gives an additional piece of advice: be a little more careful if you were born in the year of the rabbit, or the water rooster. Those born in the year of the dragon are said to be lucky in 2017, but Francis is quick to add that it’s not luck but hard work that should still influence your habits. He says, “Even if you are lucky, if you are not hardworking, what will happen to you?”

Through everything, Francis acknowledges that it’s not feng shui, luck or anything else that ultimately governs our lives, saying that our destiny still depends on our perseverance and on faith. He adds that,God is watching us and may be guiding us by giving us signs.”


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