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CPK Philippines honors its 18th year with National Pizza Day

Buy one, take one from five California Pizza Kitchen flavors
By Elyssa Christine Lopez |



California Pizza Kitchen prides itself in coming up with healthy yet hearty choices, such as their Vegetarian pizza




If California Pizza Kitchen was a girl, she’s now entering adulthood. The franchise celebrates its 18th year in the Philippines, and rightfully with a two-day observance of National Pizza Day.


The American brand’s Filipino franchisee Global Restaurants Concepts Inc. CEO Archie Rodriguez said that while the business has been conservative, the food concept’s consistency has paved the way for its debut celebration in the country.



“We have conservative growth. We make sure that we’re catering to the right market, so business is good. It’s constant and sustainable,” Rodriguez told on Tuesday, July 26 at the brand’s press launch.



Global Restaurants Concepts Inc. CEO Archie Rodriguez



Even with stiffening competition in the local restaurant scene, Rodriguez is optimistic with the brand’s position in the market, saying, “We have been the trend for 18 years.”



The CEO cited the growing reception for healthy food choices, something CPK has emulated since day one.


“We have always been healthy. Our pizza is not fried, it is oven baked. Our ingredients are organic, so people are just catching up on us now,” he said.




     CPK Pizza Wars winner, Anchovies + Goat Cheese pizza





National Pizza Day(s)!

Now on its fifth year, CPK’s National Pizza Day will be celebrated for a weekend from August 15 to 16. More than a celebration for another year of service, Rodriguez said it’s also one of the brand’s ways to capture markets they haven’t tapped.


“Every year since we’ve done it, there is a long line from opening to closing time. Giving people the chance to enjoy our food at a value, ultimately captures markets that usually don’t come to us.”  Rodriguez adds, “Hopefully we keep some of them.”


Customers may avail of the buy-one-take-one promo for a weekend, choosing among five pizza flavors, namely: Salami + Bacon, Hawaiian Pepperoni, Garlic Chicken, Mixed Vegetarian and Traditional Cheese. Also coinciding with the celebration is the launch of this year’s winner of CPK Pizza Wars: Anchovies + Goat Cheese pizza.


The promo will be available at the eight locations of CPK.






Photos by Janaeka Sam Navalta

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