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Effective strategies for modern local restaurants

Local restaurants should target the Millenials---individuals who were born after 1983. That group of consumers spends more and is more adventurous when it comes to food compared to other generation groups.
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Effective strategies for modern local restaurants
<>If you own a restaurant business, chances are you are spending anywhere between 0 to 6% of the total revenue to marketing.

Don’t flinch. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about it since the National Restaurant Association in the United States places the average marketing budget for a restaurant to be 3%.

“The good news is that old saying in traditional marketing that ‘half of all advertising is wasted; the problem is, no one knows which half’ no longer holds true in digital marketing,” writes Aaron Allen Global Restaurant Consulting in its corporate blog.

With Digital Marketing, restaurateurs now have access to the Holy Grail of advertising—something that’s efficient and measurable with costs that are directly linked to results.

The Millenials

“Even more encouraging for restaurant marketers, digital marketing is the best way to engage the restaurant industry’s most prized, if misunderstood, audience—Millennials,” Aaron Allen reveals.

A mix of Gen X and Gen Y, the millennial generation includes anyone born after 1983. For reasons of demographics, culture and consumer tastes, Millennials are now a larger and more profitable audience than Baby Boomers for the restaurant industry.

They are ‘digital natives’ and are especially adept at using computers, smart phones, social networking and other new media—and they expect the brands they love to join them there.

Modern local restaurant market

Filipinos have caught up with the trend, too. Recent figures indicate that approximately 11,000 restaurants are registered in Zomato and that 40% of Filipinos click on ads with good deals.

Aaron Allen recommends allocating 40% of the total marketing budget to digital. It further emphasizes that budget strategy; timelines, tactics, and messages must all be succinctly distilled and then divided among a number of cutting-edge new digital media categories.

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