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FCBA holds its 8th biennial Bakery Fair

This year’s bakery fair gathered thousands of people from the baking and food service industry to share business tips and seminars to entrepreneurs.
By MJ Dinglasan |

SAM_4098.JPGEver since it started in 2001, the Bakery Fair organized by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. (FCBAI) has since been true to its mission to strengthen and to further improve the baking industry in the Philippines. With the growing number of exhibitors and attendees each year, it has established itself to be among the biggest and most anticipated events of Filipino bakers and suppliers.


Each year, FCBAI makes sure that everyone benefits from the bakery fair. From discounted ingredients and supplies to baking demos and seminars, the said fair has evolved and has expanded its market to open more opportunities not only for the pioneers but also for the newcomers in the industry. It has been continuously providing quality exhibits that broaden the knowledge of every attendee. "This Bakery Fair showcases the remarkable talent of Filipino bakers and highlights the Asian love of quality bread," says Winston Uy, FCBAI President.

SAM_4163.JPGFor this year, as part of innovations, FCBAI has brought in more big players in the industry. Local and foreign brands were gathered to set the bar a notch higher to cater everyone's needs. It has also organized competitions to unveil the best of the bests and attract more people in the business. "The Philippine baking industry is very alive. It evolves annually. New things come every year and there's a lot of knowledge we can learn from these," says Peter Fung, FCBAI member and exhibitor. 


Through the years, the bakery fair has helped a lot of bakers from amateurs to seasoned ones to further enhance their business and innovate their products. "You have to continuously innovate and find ways and means on how to compete. If you don't address the changes in your surroundings, you'll get lost eventually," says James Chua, former FCBAI director. He also shared his thoughts in opening a business.  "It's never the big that eats the small. It's always the fast that eats the slow," he further added.

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