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LOOK: This Is How Much You Should Be Getting Paid In 2017

Are you properly compensated?
By Andrei Medina for |



If you've ever wondered whether you were underpaid, overpaid, or properly compensated, then this might be the time to check.


BusinessTrends, a company that provides workforce management solutions in the country came up with a salary guide that gives an estimate of how much you should be getting paid in your chosen profession.


So if you find that youâre getting less than the average salary listed here then it might be time to go straight to Human Resources or your supervisor to ask for a pay hike. Below is a compilation of various jobs and its respective salary ranges in seven different industries.



Audit, Tax, Credit, Risk Management

Loan Processor: P13,000 - P25,000 (0-2 years)

Subject Matter Expert: P15,000 - P30,000 (1-3 years)
Auditor: P15,000 - P30,000 (2-3 years)
Fraud Analyst: P18,000 - P30,000 (1-4 years)
Risk Management Analyst: P40,000 - P80,000 (2-4 years)
Tax consultant: P50,000 - P100,000 (2-4 years)
Credit Manager: P80,000 - P150,000 (4-5 years)






QA Inspector: P25,000 - P60,000 (2-3 years)

Site Supervisor: P40,000 - P80,000 (2-3 years)
Safety Inspector: P40,000 - P90,000 (2-3 years)
Mechanical Engineer: P40,000 - P100,000 (3-5 years)
Civil Engineer: P40,000 - P70,000 (3-5 years)
Electrical Engineer: P50,000 - P180,000 (3-5 years)
Project Manager: P80,000 - P200,000 (3-5 years)



Healthcare & Science



Nurse: P13,000 - P20,000 (1-2 years)
Pharmacist: P13,000 - P20,000 (1-2 years)
Medical Technologist: P15,000 - P30,000 (2-3 years)
Medical Representative: P15,000 - P35,000 (2-3 years)
Laboratory Manager: P40,000 - P80,000 (3-4 years)
Analytical Chemist: P50,000 - P90,000 (3-4 years)
Senior Manager - Clinic Operations: P150,000 - P230,000 (3-5 years)



Human Resources



HR Assistant: P13,000 - P15,000 (0-1 year)
Recruitment Specialist: P16,000 - P25,000 (1-3 years)
Payroll Officer: P35,000 - P50,000 (2-3 years)
Training Officer: P40,000 - P90,000 (2-3 years)
Recruitment Manager: P60,000 - P100,000 (3-4 years)
HR Manager: P80,000 - P150,000 (3-4 years)
Senior HR Manager: P120,000 - P180,000 (6-8 years)




IMAGE Pexels

Quality Assurance Specialist: P30,000 - P80,000 (2-3 years)
Helpdesk Technical Support: P30,000 - P50,000 (1-3 years)
Software Engineer: P30,000 - P90,000 (1-3 years)
Systems Analyst: P40,000 - P80,000 (3-5 years)
Security Analyst: P50,000 - P250,000 (3-5 years)
Project Manager: P90,000 - P250,000 (2-4 years)
Chief Information Officer: P400,000 - P600,000 (12+ years)



Sales, Marketing and Advertising



Promoter/Retail Assistant: P12,000 - P14,000 (0-1 year)
Digital Marketing Specialist: P15,000 - P25,000 (2-3 years)
Senior Sales Executive: P25,000 - P60,000 (3-4 years)
Key Account Manager: P50,000 - P100,000 (4-6 years)
Area Sales Manager: P80,000 - P150,000 (4-6 years)
Regional Sales Manager: P150,000 - P400,000 (6-8 years)
Vice President: P250,000 - P500,000 (12+ years)



Office Support


Administrative Assistant: P13,000 - P15,000 (1-2 years)
Receptionist: P13,000 - P18,000 (1-2 years)
Secretary: P15,000 - P20,000 (2-3 years)
Customer Service Executive: P16,000 - P20,000 (1-2 years)
Administrative Executive: P18,000 - P25,000 (2-3 years)
Executive Secretary: P18,000 - P30,000 (2-3 years)
Purchasing Officer: P20,000 - P40,000 (3-5 years)






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