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How Much Money are Restaurants, Bars and Caterers Making on Average?

Before putting one up, take a look at the latest numbers from the Philippine Statistics Authority
By Pauline Macaraeg |



Each year, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) conducts the Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (ASPBI), which gathers data on close to 40,000 formal business establishments that employ at least 10 workers in the country. The latest survey, which includes 18 economic activities, was conducted last year though the data covers the previous year, 2015.



Last month, the PSA released preliminary results of the annual survey covering establishments in the accommodation and food services sector with total employment of at least 20 workers. The sector includes businesses providing short-term accommodation such as hotels, motels and condotels; restaurants and mobile food services; event catering and related food services; and businesses that serve mainly beverages such as bars, beer pubs, coffee shops and fruit juice bars and mobile beverage vendors.


This infographic provides a summary of the results of the PSA survey, giving us a good idea of the average staff size, income, expenses and gross profit (or income less expenses) and key financial ratios of the typical accommodation and food service establishment in the Philippines. From the survey, we know that average establishments in 2015 employed 49 workers, earned an income of around Php60.5 million while spending Php50.9 million in expenses, resulting in an estimated gross profit of Php9.6 million.



However, there is also wide variation among the subsectors. While the event caterers reported an average gross profit of Php16 million, those serving mainly beverages made only Php1.65 million. Hotels earn a gross profit of Php7.5 million while restaurants and mobile food businesses make around Php10.6 million.


This is also apparent in the ratios of income to expenses. For each peso that goes to expenses, event caterers generate Php1.28 in income while shops serving mainly beverages earn only Php1.10. Restaurants generate Php1.21 and hotels earn Php1.13 for each peso of expense.






Pauline Macaraeg is Entrepreneur PH's data journalist. Follow her on Twitter @paulinemacaraeg

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