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How to apply for an NBI clearance online

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) now implements a 'no walk-in' rule for clearance applications.
By Angelica Louise G. Dantes |
How to apply for an NBI clearance online

Acquiring an NBI Clearance in the past can be a very taxing chore. In some instances, the whole process will take an entire day-time you could've spent doing something more productive. Starting April 1 the National Bureau of Investigation is implementing a mandatory online application to hasten the process of acquiring an NBI Clearance.



For those who have previously applied, you may recall that the clearance application is done in a six-step process:

1.       Filling-up the Form

2.       Data check

3.       Payment

4.       Data encoding

5.       Photo and biometrics enrollment

6.       Clearance printing



This process is now being reduced to a three step process through the mandatory online registration:

1.       Online registration and payment

2.       Photo and biometrics enrollment

3.       Clearance printing



This simplified process is expected to reduce the processing time from half a day to as fast 30 minutes to an hour on a good day. Upon accessing the NBI Clearance homepage an online form for first time users of the online application can be found on the right, along with an overview of their new application system. The new application system is easy and quick. Here is how to apply for an NBI Clearance online:



1.       Fill up the basic data form at the rightmost section of the screen. Agree to the terms and conditions and click Sign Up. After signing up, you will be directed to the second part of the data form. Fill in the required data and proceed.


2.       If all required data is complete, you will now be shown your own NBI data page with all of your encoded data. An APPLY FOR CLEARANCE and an EDIT INFORMATION button can be found on the top right corner of the screen.


3.       Review your data page. If there are any corrections for spelling or information, click the EDIT INFORMATION button before applying for your clearance. It is important that everything is spelled and typed correctly.


Once all data is checked and corrected, proceed by clicking on APPLY FOR CLEARANCE.


4.       The site will now ask you for your application type and presented ID. The application type option  are  "New" or " Renew". For first time applicants, choose new, and for past applicants choose renew.



The site will also ask for a valid presented ID. This ID should be within the list of valid IDs accepted by the bureau. Type in the ID number of your chosen valid ID. Remember that valid ID you chose now should also be the valid ID that you will bring to your chosen NBI branch for processing.


(After completing the previous process, a calendar and payment options should now appear on your screen.)


5.       Choose your preferred mode of payment (Over-the-counter bank deposit, online bank payment, mobile payment, or a bayad center) and choose your application date and NBI branch. Note that your application will only be entertained on the scheduled date, time and NBI branch selected.


6.       Select your application purpose (Local or Abroad) and select your purpose detail (local job application, visa application etc.).The price of the NBI Clearance changes depending on the application purpose.


7.       Print out the online application form and proceed to your selected NBI branch at your scheduled date and time.




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