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Head start: Know more about franchising

This month, Entrepreneur magazine features the ‘franchise superstars.’
By Angelica Louise G. Dantes |


Are planning to buy your very first franchise but don’t know where to start? Or are you struggling to find the best way to manage the ones you already have? 

This month, Entrepreneur magazine tries to answer all your questions about franchising—from franchising your business to effectively managing your own franchise. This issue is filled with tips from “top-performing franchisees” and award-winning local franchisors. 

Featuring some of our Franchise Awards 2015 winners—Fiorgelato, Mineski Franchise, and Adobo Connection, among others—learn the secrets behind the top franchises and how they were able to expand their brand locally and internationally. 


For franchisors
What makes a successful franchise? While there is no fool-proof method for every franchising business, there is commonality among international and widely successful franchises (like McDonald’s, Jollibee, and 7-Eleven) that newer brands can adopt. 

In this issue, several business insiders share their thoughts and spill their secrets about being competitive. They also have tips on transforming emerging brands into franchise gold. 



For franchisees
It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned franchisee or a newbie looking to buy your very first franchise. There is always something new to learn in the fast growing local business sector. In this issue, we give you “The Franchisee Playbook,” a guide that goes beyond what’s written in the operations manual. 

Top-performing franchisees share tips and secrets behind their successful operations; answering questions on common franchisee issues such as choosing the right location, deciding on what franchise to buy, managing staff and day-to-day operations, and formulating strategies when the franchise doesn’t perform as expected. 


These and more comprise our July 2015 issue. It is now available in magazine stands and bookstores nationwide. You may also download the digital version through the Summit NewsstandApple Store, or Google Play Store

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