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KyoChon arrives in Manila

One of the most famous chicken restaurants in South Korea has finally landed in the Philippines. This restaurant aims to introduce to the local market the lord of all chicken restaurants in its country of origin.
By Renz Lyndon Paguio |
KyoChon arrives in Manila
<>Before the current decade began, we were swept by a phenomenon coming from the north east of Asia and just like that the teens started to like nobody, nobody but them. Suddenly everyone was fascinated with everything Korean, the haircuts, the television shows and the catchy songs (seriously though, the Gangnam Style will stick to your head like a stubborn flea).

Sequentially, their delicacies started to arrive and our tummies became full to our heart’s content. When KyoChon reached our shores however, we knew that we were in for a very delicious and healthy treat. KyoChon, Korea’s most beloved chicken restaurant, has now opened its first branch (April 30) at the SM Megamall Building B Upper Ground Floor.

KyoChon since 1991

Dedicated to creating the true taste of fried chicken with their selected ingredients and their secret, unrivaled recipes, KyoChon has now officially reignited the Korean fever in the Philippines. Staying true to being simple and yet classy at the same time, the interior of the restaurant features a minimalist design assembled and supervised by the architect himself who came all the way from Korea just to provide the best setting for the best Korean chicken restaurant for us Filipinos.

The chicken restaurant opened its first store in 1991, more than a decade before they clucked their way to the top. Starting with a small area, at around 30 square meters when it first opened, KyoChon today is now a nationwide everyday favorite of the Korean people (and probably by the Filipinos eventually) with four distribution centers and two factories in South Korea and 30 branches and 942 franchise restaurants around the globe.kyochon_2_FINAL.png

Though their awards keep adding up, they did not let this hamper their decision in making the best and the healthiest chicken dishes Korea has to offer. The quality of the food improves slowly but surely, like a wine that just keeps getting better with age. Maybe it has something to do with the exemplary cooking preparation the staff do, or maybe it’s the spices and condiments that do the trick.

Promises worth keeping

KyoChon made three promises that we all hope they won’t break. One, they won’t make fast food. Two, they’ll only use natural ingredients. Three, they’ll only make healthy chicken with honesty. They also have three NOs (capitalizing the ‘no’ makes it more dramatic) for the customers’ information. No! glacier acetic acid, No! sodium saccharine and No! MSG (because putting exclamation marks after the sentence is too mainstream). If that doesn’t convince you that their food is clean and follows a thorough process, then I don’t know what will.

Their three food series, the KyoChon series, the Red series and the Honey series, offer a different kind of flavor twist for the customers’ taste buds. The first combines two natural ingredients, garlic, and soy sauce which will remind you of that old fried chicken your mother prepared when you were a kid. The second concentrates on the spiciness of the chicken by using domestically grown red pepper concentrate, ready to jumpstart your metabolism for the day. The third is sweetened by real honey, offering that giggly feeling every time you munch the chicken’s meat.
kyochon_3_FINAL.pngKyoChon’s thin batter and double frying method remove the excess oil from the food, offering a clean and light taste. Thank the more than two decades of KyoChon’s cooking experience for that one. They also have the piece-by-piece sauce-coating which will surely release the full potential of the chicken’s flavor. Though they are time-consuming, these are necessary processes for their hearty nutritious chicken.
The next time you eat at KyoChon, try to reflect on why there may be a delay of serving time. It’s simple really, it’s either they’re cooking the perfect fried chicken for you or they’re accommodating so many customers because of their high quality cuisine. Either is good for your tummy if you ask me.


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