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How Maine Mendoza is Thriving Outside a Love Team

She is now one of the faces of Shell
By Dinzo Tabamo for |

The public life of Maine Mendoza has always been characterized by the unexpected. Her star was born in the age of social media in 2015, a time when people still shared amusing content rather than fight over politics. And with the accidental chemistry she sparked with love-team partner Alden Richards on a noontime variety show, Maine achieved success in the trifecta of modern stardom: TV/movies, endorsements, and social media.



But all of this would not have been possible had she not been having fun while working at her family’s business. The Mendoza family owns a number of Shell retail station dealerships, and during her downtime at the office, the future celebrity created the Dubsmash videos that would catapult her to fame. The latter detail was revealed by GMA reporter Aubrey Carampel, who mentioned it in an Instagram story that was re-shared by Maine.







It’s only fitting, then, that Maine be one of the new faces of Pilipinas Shell, along with fellow celebrities Drew Arellano and Nico Bolzico. At a launch held last week, the fuel company introduced the new endorsers of its brand. Maine pitches FuelSave, Arellano is for V-Power, and the PR material didn’t specify a particular product for Bolzico, but it did say he has been using the product even when he was living in Argentina.



Maine seems to be pleased with her latest partnership. “My parents wanted to invest in a company that is recognized for credibility and quality,” she said. “So when the opportunity came, they didn’t have to think twice about partnering with Shell.”






“Shell has always been dedicated to ensuring that we have the best-fitting fuels range for motorists,” shared Mark Malabanan, Shell V-Power brand manager. “We are happy to have Maine, Drew, and Nico as our newest ambassadors because they are living testaments to what our brand stands for and the value we can give to our customers.”



The girl who once recorded making faces inside a gasoline-station office may have moved on from Aldub, but she has shown that in showbiz and in fuel, you can always choose what’s best for you.






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