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Piola footwear sells for a cause

This French sneaker brand links its producers and customers to provide social economic development in their partnered communities.
By Press Release |

Piola_1.JPGPiola footwear, a high-end French sneaker brand was introduced in the Philippines in the last quarter of 2014, to give a different approach in buying shoes and give ideas with a primer of what-shoes-to-wear. The brand takes its name from the Peruvian Spanish expression "Pasa piola," which translates to "That's so awesome!" It directly sources its natural rubber and organic Tanguis cotton from Peru, and uses high quality leather and suede from Italy.


With its vision of creating a new influential, well thought-out, and transparent social business in the long term, Piola have teamed up with its producers and customers to bring social economic growth to their partnered communities. Every time a pair of Piola Footwear is sold, 4 Euros are invested to finance the development of workshops and social programs in Peruvian communities. They believe that their customers can be the direct ambassadors of their project by buying a pair.   In return, customers can be assured that Piola only provides high quality footwear that delivers classiness, uniqueness, and sophistication.

Being one of the few high-end brands with such a strong social economic campaign that has a close partnership with its suppliers, Piola has setup an innovative platform providing an effective business partnership that caters to both suppliers and customers.  

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