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Planning to Sell in Manila’s Christmas Bazaars? Here’s How the Rental Fees Compare

Costs rise the closer it gets to Christmas day and the nearer the venues are to major shopping malls
By Elyssa Christine Lopez |




E-commerce may be the easiest way to set up shop today but many entrepreneurs still prefer selling in physical stores, if only because of the instant feedback one gets from customers and shoppers.


And the onset of the long Christmas season in the Philippines offers perhaps the best opportunity for shopkeepers, especially those doing it as a sideline, to sell their wares to shoppers looking for new, interesting and affordable gift items for the holidays.



Right after All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day on November 1 and 2, respectively, dozens of Christmas bazaars start sprouting in various parts of Metro Manila, giving starting or part-time entrepreneurs plenty of choices when and where to sell their stock.


For the benefit of those planning to join Christmas bazaars, we compiled a list of the most popular of these temporary fairs, including rental fees, location and duration to help them choose the right one for them. Shoppers can also use the list as a guide when and where to shop for the best of the bargains during the holiday season.


With so many variables such as stall size and duration, it may be difficult to compare the rental fees of one bazaar with those of another. Still, by deriving the rental cost per square meter per day, one could have an idea of which ones are pricier and which ones are cheaper. But the value of the list lies in giving the would-be locator choices as to the date, duration and venue of the bazaar.



Location-wise, bazaars held inside or nearby malls tend to be at the pricier side. A spot at the Manila Sundance Bazaar at SM Megamall, for example, from November 26 to 28 would cost a merchant Php667 per square meter per day, which is lower than the average rate offered for that month.


But that suddenly looks more expensive when compared to the rental fee at the 15-day Noel Bazaar in World Trade Center—a location that customers have to dedicate time just to visit, which would be held from November 15 to 30.

Too, a stall in a bazaar gets costlier the closer it’s held to Christmas. The average rate of a stall in a bazaar is only Php1,140 if it’s held in November but that average hikes to Php1,282 once December comes.


One bazaar that stands out as a bargain amid all these is the World Bazaar Festival to be held from December 12 to 22 at the World Trade Center. It offers the cheapest stall rate on the list at Php644 per square meter per day, almost half of the average for that month.







Elyssa Christine Lopez is a staff writer of Entrepreneur PH. Follow her on Twitter @elyssalopz

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