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Pope Francis’ visit drives sales to entrepreneurs; Papal souvenirs are on high demand

Some local entrepreneurs sell special merchandise as souvenirs for the anticipated Papal Visit to the country.
By MJ Dinglasan |
<>In time for Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines, many entrepreneurs have created different papal commemorative items and merchandise the moment the news about his visit was confirmed. From religious items such as rosaries and prayer books to t-shirts, handkerchiefs, dolls, and even life-size standees, Filipino entrepreneurs took this opportunity to sell and welcome Pope Francis with open arms.

Truly, up to this day, a great number of people are still buying papal merchandise in remembrance of the pope’s visit. An event like this is just one of the many much-awaited happenings for entrepreneurs. Not only can they take advantage of the opportunity to sell due to its high demand, they can also effortlessly promote their business by merely having timely products. Businesses that are in the souvenir industry benefit this event the most because they can customize their products according to what’s the trend. Since the big trend at present is the coming of the pope, there are high demands of papal souvenirs that will eventually result to higher profit as well.

However, despite the opportunity to gain higher income, problems on the variety of products will mostly occur. There will be big chances that products to be sold are almost the same—button pins, fans, and the like. As entrepreneurs, you need to be innovative and think of different items to make your brand unique among others. If your product is one-of-a-kind, then perhaps, it will sell more rather than those who sell common products. Just make sure it’s appropriate, relevant, and clever.


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