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Hilarious Suggestions to QC's Order for Foreign-Named Businesses To Have Local Translations

Masayahing Bubuyog, anyone?
By Khatrina Bonagua for |


Quezon City recently released an ordinance that requires business establishments with names that are in a foreign language to have an accompanying signboard with an English and/or local translation.


According to the City Ordinance 2604-2017, all restaurants, karaoke and sing-along bars, cocktail lounges, bars, groceries, convenience stores, commercial buildings, hotels, inns, and lodging houses, within the city premises, are required to comply with the rule. Those who don't cooperate will be fined Php5,000 and will have their business permits suspended.


"There is a need for accompanying translations and/or its wordings in English the meaning of the foreign language business names in the signboards and/or signages of the establishments in Quezon City for easy identification and information on the nature of businesses," the ordinance explains.


Although the decree doesn't require those with English names to be translated, netizens couldn't help but give their own hilarious suggestions. Here are some of the wittiest ones:





















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