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What American employees fear most about their presidential election (Infographic)

The fate of our US-based OFW brothers and sisters are at stake, too
By Rose Leadem |



It’s an election like no other. As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue to vie for the US presidency, the world is becoming increasingly frightened about what November 8 has in store.


As the big date quickly approaches, fears are heightened. A recent study by Quantum Workplace has taken a deeper look into what employees around the country are thinking about this election.



Almost 80 percent of employed Americans plan to vote this year. Of this number, most employees (40.2 percent) say they plan to vote for Clinton, while a quarter say they will go for Trump.


Regardless of who is sworn in, fears accompany both candidates. If Trump wins, employees are concerned there will be another financial crisis and international business will suffer. If Clinton wins, they fear that they will pay higher taxes and face more government regulations.


To learn more about what employees are thinking about this election, check out the infographic below.







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