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Why is IHOP changing its name to IHOB?

The pancake chain announced the switch on Twitter
By Paul John Caña |





On Tuesday, casual restaurant chain IHOP, or the International House of Pancakes, announced on Twitter that it was changing its name to IHOB. They did it with a five-second video where the “P” in their name slowly flipped and turned into a “B.”



The tweet said they would explain the change on June 11.


The restaurant chain has been around for 60 years, so the announcement created an instant ripple throughout social media, with many people wondering what the “B” could stand for.


Based on the comments, the most popular guess seems to be that IHOP is ditching its focus on “pancakes” and going with the more all-encompassing “breakfast.”


But other people say the “B” could stand for “burgers.”


IHOP even ran a poll asking people what the "B" could mean:




US site Mashable even conducted a bit of sleuthing and found somebody on Reddit claiming to be an IHOP employee who posted that the “B” does indeed stand for burgers.



“It’s about burgers,” Reddit user lumpsr said, according to Mashable. “We’re coming out with a line of 100 percent Black Angus beef hand-pressed burgers. Had training on them this week, and I have to say, they’re pretty good.”


But Mashable later said that lumpsr’s original posts have since been deleted.


IHOP has closed down all its branches in the Philippines recently.* 


Check out some of the reactions about the switch below.




*An earlier version of this article stated that there were seven branches of IHOP in the Philippines. IHOP has closed down its branches in the country and there are currently no IHOPs in the country as of posting.






Paul John Caña is the managing editor of Entrepreneur PH

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