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Take a Peek Inside Manny Pangilinan's Hong Kong Apartment

MVP's 357sqm apartment features lucky colors, prized works of art, and opulent furniture
By Cielo Anne Calzado for |

Have you ever wondered how business tycoons relax and take a break? For a man as busy as Manny Pangilinan or MVP as many call him, a well-furnished apartment on the slopes of The Peak in Hong Kong serves as a welcome escape.


Aside from its prime location and the special pieces that complete it, the space offers privacy and anonymity—two things that anyone would appreciate. In creating a home that can help him forget about stress and the demands of work, Manny followed a few Feng shui principles, chose soft colors that add to the calming feel of the place, and opted for luxurious yet cozy pieces of furniture. With the help of a Feng shui adviser and an interior designer based in Hong Kong, the apartment became an inviting space that reflects the peaceful and laid-back life he longs for.



Living Area



Bathed in natural light, the living area with a view is cozy and inviting. Since the building faces Victoria Harbour, MVP and his guests have unlimited access to Hong Kongâs skyline. To make the home more auspicious, it underwent a transformation. Different Feng shui principles were taken into consideration during its renovation. âThatâs why itâs all beige. We sort of tore down windows and walls to make some rooms bigger. And then we needed to redecorate the walls, so on and so forth,â he says.


RL Tip: Beige falls under the earth element for nourishment and stability. Beige is believed to create stability and calm protection for oneâs relationships.



Living Area



The apartment is ideal for entertaining guests and friends. Aside from the living area, thereâs also a sitting area where visitors can stay and take in the view. MVP loves the apartment's large windows as these let in plenty of natural light. âI donât like rooms without windows. Sometimes din kasi, I would read here. I also read the papers before going to sleep. A room looks more spacious when it has picture windows, he shares.



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Sitting Area



Adding color to the apartment are MVP's prized works of art--abstract paintings dominate the apartment and the businessman's Hong Kong office. An artwork by painter Ivan Acuna livens up the wall behind the sofa.



Work Area




A self-confessed workaholic, MVP admits that there are days when he brings his work home. However, with a desk as beautiful as this and an unparalleled view of the city, we're sure he can finish his tasks efficiently.


"With that kind of view, how can you not like sitting at the desk, di ba? It's good to work there kasi it faces the harbor. It's nice when you look out," he shares.



Work Area




This nook features a table with a white-leather top and a comfortable chair. Both pieces follow the apartmentâs color scheme. A sleek table lamp, a personalized nameplate, a Buddha figurine, and a jade figurine can be seen on MVP's desk.


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Dining Area




The walls and the six-seater dining table in the area showcase a deep cherry-red finish that gives it an extra elegant vibe. The deep hue pairs well with the neutral colors seen in the space, keeping it from being monotonous. MVP actually likes the color as it adds warmth and personality to the area.


On one side of the dining area is a console table that holds a statuette of Our Lady of Manaoag, Lladro angel figurines, and rosaries. Lladro is a Spanish brand known for its art porcelain figurines.



Dining Area




A trio of pendant lights in sleek chrome finish hangs above the dining table. We can only guess that the owner only uses it at night. With another picture window in the area, there's enough natural light to keep it bright and welcoming.



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Master Bedroom




MVP's bedroom will remind you of a posh suite in a five-star hotel. A combination of three bedrooms, it occupies a space as a big as the living and dining areas. During renovation, walls were knocked down so that a lounge area and a walk-in closet can be incorporated into the private space.


The lounge area is snug and ideal for days when MVP simply wants to unwind. It has a beige couch, a maroon wing chair, and a tufted ottoman that also functions as a footrest. To make the bedroom as serene as possible, it is also completed with a wall-to-wall beige carpet, while heavy drapes dress up the windows. As seen in the apartmentâs other areas, natural light streams in and makes the space perfect for rest and relaxation.


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Master Bedroom




Since MVP considers the bedroom as the most sacred part of the house, he leaves all business-related concerns at the door. For a restful slumber, the businessman has a king-size bed with a padded headboard.



Walk-in Closet




The carpeting extends to the organized walk-in closet where tailor-made suits, long-sleeved shirts, shoes, and other essentials are neatly kept.



Walk-in Closet




Itâs easy to note how spic-and-span the closet is. To keep MVPâs belongings in place, an organizing system is followed. Suits go in one corner and long-sleeve shirts in another; even pants are arranged per type.



First Guest Room




MVP keeps most of his books in the first guest room. We canât help but admire the pretty shelf! It also has a view of the outdoors and is furnished with a comfortable bed, a side table, and a sleek lamp.



Second Guest Room





This room is hardly ever used as the owner seldom entertains guests. Nevertheless, itâs still furnished to welcome friends and visitors.


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