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Ricky Razon's 26-Year-Old Globetrotting Daughter Is the Definition of Girl Boss

Here are 10 things you need to know about Katrina Razon
By Marj Ramos for |



Filipina DJ Katrina Razon is already a girl boss at the age of 26. Just recently, she was invited to speak at Forbes' Under 30 Summit about "breaking the glass ceiling alongside trailblazing women." Because apart from being in the music industry for a decade now, she’s also juggling not just one, not even two, but three different business ventures: (1) She's the co-founder and managing partner at Third Culture Music and Media, an experiential marketing and events agency based in Manila and Hong Kong; (2) In Los Angeles, she spends most of her time managing an investment vehicle called KSR Ventures; (3) And finally, in Thailand, she works on the Wonderfruit Festival, a sustainable music and wellness event.


Impressed yet? Below are 10 fun facts you need to know about this young stylish entrepreneur, as told by Katrina herself:



1. "I am a gamer at heart. In my early childhood days, my mom and I would play Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 to Resident Evil on the Playstation. Many times, I would read the walkthrough out to her. Playing video games taught me about strategy and how each choice might have a given consequence. RPG games always took me from adventure to adventure; I guess my creativity really stems from all of the video games that I played!"


Space Cadet, ready for Round 2 of the #Halloweekend 💾❤️

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2. "As a kid, I once applied to join the Nickelodean gameshow 'Legends of the Hidden Temple,' and never heard back because of how slow the mailing system was in the Philippines during the '90s."



3. "My first love is theatre. I was involved in almost every theatrical production from middle school to high school and even took a few courses around Modernism in Theatre during my time at the university. Theatre's signature pedagogy helps me become actively engaged in developing critical and value-focused skills. My favorite playwrights are Anton Chekhov, Anna Deveare Smith, Martin McDonagh and Arthur Miller, whose plays were inspired by political and cultural events in modern history."




4. "I am a pro at the hacky sack. I can juggle a hacky sack or football over 100 times in a given try." 




5. "My favorite genre of film is horror. I'm not a fan of slasher films, but more so towards the films that deliver a fresh and authentic eerie perspective into the genre. Big fan of the classic ghost stories and I am so excited that there are independent horror films from the likes of Get Out and It Follows. Honestly, I spend time reading horror film forums such as Dread-It (the horror film community of Red-it) to read about what ordinary horror fans like myself are watching these days."




6. "No matter how busy my schedule is, I find time to walk or be active every day, even for a half an hour. Living in LA gives me access to a hike within minutes. I mix my exercise regimen between HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and LIIT (Light Intensity Interval Training)."




7. "Surfing is my favorite sport, time literally ceases whenever I'm in the water with my board. It's also the best activity to do when you have your friends in the same line-up."



8. "I started investing in early 2015, where I have developed my investment vehicle KSR Ventures, which invests in the early-stage growth of companies. My most recent investment is in Combat Medical, a specialist thermotherapy medical device company. Already in clinical use the Combat BRS system maximizes the efficacy of the chemotherapy treatment and harnesses the proven synergistic effects of chemohyperthermia to target NMIBC whilst remaining simple to integrate into current practice. My goal is to bring this technology to the Philippines as they harness new therapy areas and create new therapy solutions in the field of cancer treatment and patient care."




9. "This year marks my 10th anniversary as a DJ. Being a DJ that happens to be a woman who has given me such unique perspectives into the music industry. Although there are many more women entering the electronic dance music space, which has a grueling gender equality problem. My biggest hope is to see more line-ups that are more inclusive to women."




10. "I am constantly in search of ways to merge education with entertainment ("Edutainment") through Wonderfruit, a lifestyle festival in Thailand where I serve as a Director. In February, we offered Wonderers the chance to take their environmental impact into their own hands by enjoying a drink. Every special 'mangrove drink' sold at Wonderfruit corresponded with a mangrove tree planted in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, which has lost 75% of its mangroves due to rampant deforestation. In fact, we rounded up and invested in 10,000 trees in order to ensure Wonderfruit was carbon positive–a pioneering investment in the world’s most vital asset class: natural capital. This year, we’re demonstrating the value of natural capital even more tangibly with our plans to pay selected artists and collaborators in trees or, more accurately, TREEs. Heyerdahl Climate Pioneers (TREE) is a digital token (or cryptocurrency) backed by natural capital. 1 TREE = 1 mangrove planted on 1 sqm in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, and will be backed by carbon credits shared with local communities. Blockchain technology is opening so much opportunity in value, especially in protecting our natural world. For me, it is absolutely possible to have fun while simultaneously making a positive impact in our world."










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