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11 awesome travel gifts you can give to your favorite entrepreneur

Or, if you’re an entrepreneur, write these items on your wish list
By Rose Leadem |



Adjusting to different time zones, having to find available outlets at the airport and getting a good night’s rest are all things entrepreneurs deal with when on the road trying to build their company.


These stresses can make an entrepreneur’s journey even more exhausting. But this year, it doesn’t have to be.


Give the traveling entrepreneurs in your life a little help with some cool gadgets and items they can take wherever they go. From portable adapters to compact espresso machines, we’ve compiled a list of the sweetest gifts for the season.


Check out these 11 holiday gifts perfect for any traveling entrepreneur.



1. Oneadaptr Twist Plus

Entrepreneurs hopping country to country have enough to worry about -- and figuring out where they are going to get their next charge shouldn’t be one of them. Fortunately, Oneadaptr provides the perfect solution. It’s all-in-one Twist Plus charging station adapts for international outlets, accommodates four USB outlets and can charge both Apple and PC products, including phones, laptops and tablets. The cost is US$ 39.99.


2. MyHydrate Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must-have on the road but this option has a cool stand-out feature: it helps track your water intake throughout the day. Using a unique smart disk with LED lights instilled on the top of the bottle, MyHydrate not only tracks your progress, but it also gives the user timely reminders when they should be getting more hydration. The LED lights on the bottle’s lid reset every 24 hours to ensure you get the right amount of water every day. MyHydrate costs US$ 39.99.




3. Glotosleep Illumy Sleep Mask

Catching some zzz’s on the road can be tough, so this gift is perfect for the entrepreneur who needs to get some shut-eye while on the go. GloToSleep’s Illumy Sleep Mask uses light pulses to gently lull you to sleep and also help you wake up from a slumber. The mask is controlled by your phone and has an alarm and can be set to particular time zones.


It’s available just in time for the holidays, too. Pre-order for US$ 99 (original price is US$ 149).



4. Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

Outdoor noises, office chatter and music can all distract an entrepreneur from what she needs to get done. Fortunately, Sony offers noise canceling headphones so busy entrepreneurs can shut out every loud distraction – and they won’t set you back hundreds of dollars. The headphones are available at multiple retailers and online for US$ 49.99.


5. Huzi Infinity Pillow

Save your traveling entrepreneur friends from the dreaded middle seat with a travel pillow that allows users to take a snooze anywhere and in any position. Huzi’s infinity pillow is a versatile pillow that you can twist, wrap or bundle to conform to any travel environment. It will set you back US$ 39.



6. Thermacell Heated Insoles

For those unlucky entrepreneur friends traveling through the cold this winter, snag them a pair of ThermaCELL’s ProFlex heavy duty heated insoles to keep their feet from freezing. Not only are these foot warmers bound to keep them cozy all winter, but the wearer can control their temperature through bluetooth technology that connects to a smartphone. They will cost you US$ 199.99


7. Wacoco Minipresso

Forget about gas station coffee. This gadget lets you make quality espresso from anywhere. Wacoco’s MiniPresso is perfect for any traveling entrepreneur, or anyone for that matter, who needs a quick coffee fix while on the road. You can choose from three varieties, allowing you to use ground coffee or capsule pods. The MiniPresso is US$ 59.



8. Collar Perfect’s Touch Up and Travel Iron

Making a good first impression is key to gaining clients and traction in business, and often, how you look can be a determining element. No one should go into a business meeting disheveled and unorganized. With Collar Perfect’s touch up and travel iron, a person is able to quickly touch up and press their clothes while on the go. At US$ 34.99, it is a nice practical gift for the traveling entrepreneur.


9. Jackery’s Portable Phone Charger

This one’s a given. Whether in the middle of a phone call, on the road or listening to music in-flight, we all know how annoying a dead phone can be. This portable charger from Jackery is long-lasting and can charge two devices at once. The charger will set you back US$ 29.99.



10. Phonesoap Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Entrepreneurs who are constantly on their phone may not realize how many germs are accumulating on the screen, especially while traveling. Here’s a fast solution to zap those germs away. The PhoneSoap smartphone UV sanitizer will take care of the dirty work for you, literally. By simply placing your phone inside, UV rays zap the germs from your phone and use a polish that collects the oil and germs from your screen. It costs US$59.95 or US$19.95 for two portable microfiber patches.


11. VicTsing Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Who doesn’t like music? That’s what makes this gift perfect for just about anyone. These wireless and waterproof speakers are also perfect for any environment – from the shower to the outdoors, you can take them anywhere. Check out VicTsing’s website to learn more. They’re available for purchase on Amazon for US$ 16.99.







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