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18 tools that can save time and grow your business

Of all the apps and sites out there, which ones are the most biz-friendly?
By Ahmed Safwan |




We're getting closer to the end of the year. It's been a very exciting year for me in my blogging company, Smart Marketing Boost, to be achieving most of the goals that I've set so far. And of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the help of some tools that have provided great shortcuts.



The tools I share here fall under three categories: (1) tools that helped me apply a simple productivity system; (2) tools that saved me time by paying less money, and; (3) tools that had an impact on my business growth. Are you ready? Let's tackle these:


Tools for productivity

There is a system that I've been following for more than a year now that has had a great impact on my business. It's planning the right way, starting the day right, and taking action with focus. To be able to do those steps, here are the productivity tools I use:


  1. Google Docs: A great tool I use to do all the planning for the tasks I want to accomplish.
  2. Wunderlist: Helps me create to-do lists on the go and great for doing tomorrow's to-do list.
  3. Accomplish: It helps me easily create my schedule for the day. This is my best calendar app that suits all my needs.
  4. Clear focus: Taking action with focus hasn't been easier with the help of this great tool.
  5. 7 Min Workout app: Not only does this app have the normal seven minute exercise, but also it have many different variants with different durations.
  6. Headspace: A gem tool that changed my focus throughout the day.
  7. Freedom Journal: One of the best journals. I like their app which reminds me to write in the journal in the morning and at the evening.





Tools that save time

Usually, these are resources where I pay a few dollars to save me time, or resources where I could save a few minutes by grouping tasks together:


  1. Upwork (formerly known as Odesk): Using this is a great way to get low-value tasks done, leaving me time to focus on higher value tasks.
  2. 99designs: I'm sure you know how time-consuming design work can be. When redesigning my logo, I spent a ton of time trying to communicate my vision to designers only to receive concepts I wasn't happy with, which ate into other projects. Using 99designs, I was able to save a lot of time because of the great amount of designs I get. I pick the one I like, ask for reiterations till I like it and then pay.
  3. Thrive content builder: Having a great design that attracts the attention of new readers is very hard. I used to outsource this job, but with this tool, I don't need to anymore.
  4. Auto Text Expander chrome expansion: This is a great tool to share common sentences without typing them out completely.
  5. Buffer extension: This one publishes on all my social networks without entering them one by one.
  6. Pocket: Saves important posts that come your way so you can read them on weekends.


Tools that help business grow

There are a few tools which help you increase your business growth without much work on your end. These are the tools that helped me do just that this year:


  1. Thrive Leads: This tool helped collect more emails from my website without me spending time messing with the code.
  2. SumoMe: It provides you with a great set of tools. I like to use the share, content analytics and heatmap tools. Did I mention it's free? I'm doing just fine with the free version.
  3. Active Campaign: Creating automation with ease to convert new subscribers and customers has never been easier. Forget infusionsoft with its complexity and the hefty price you pay initially and monthly. You pay a fraction of that with Active Campaign.
  4. Optimizepress: Started using it lately after all the buzz I heard. It deserves every penny of the $97 I paid for it.
  5. Buzzsumo: Great tool to help me identify popular topics and posts in my "industry +" who are sharing it.



There are so many tools out there which could make a great difference on how to operate your business, but as for me, these are the ones that had the most impact on my business and my life so far this year, and these are the ones I’d recommend.







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