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5 Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business

These will help you cut costs and boost your competitiveness.
5 Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Business

Growing your business requires capital and a close eye on costs, key among them, electricity consumption. Energy efficiency is optimizing energy use through best practices and technologies without sacrificing convenience, output, or productivity.


Here are five tips to making your business more energy-efficient:


Know more about your business’s energy consumption.


Finding out when, where, why, and how much energy you use daily gives you a baseline by which you can adjust costs, forecast future consumption, and create a plan for a sustainable energy-efficient business. In 2013, San Beda College of Alabang (SBCA)  embarked on an energy efficiency campaign when it noticed a positive correlation between an increase in student population and its energy consumption and costs.


Contact your energy service provider to help.  


SBCA called on Meralco to do an audit of the facilities, and engineers from both teams did a detailed walkthrough of its 9.6-hectare campus. They identified practices that could be improved upon and recommended solutions for each one.


Implement action plans in a timely manner.


Energy efficiency measures can be simple, requiring no investment such as improving good housekeeping procedures. It can also entail minimal spending for longer-term savings. Following their audit, SBCA implemented recommendations such as keeping windows in air-conditioned rooms firmly shut, using low-wattage, better-performing LED lights which consumed less power, installing blinds or window tint to keep out the heat, along with energy-saving inverter-type air-conditioning units which are now in use in 50 percent of San Beda’s grade school buildings, and 90 percent of its high school and college buildings.


Measure the implemented actions and report the results.


Results are proof that your energy efficiency plans are effective and worth pursuing. For SBCA, it was a whopping Php 500,000 in savings for the 2014 to 2015 school year. “We saw a drastic difference and the lowering of our electrical consumption,” to 70,000 kWh, said Father Aelred Nilo, OSB, SBCA’s director of finance and administration. The school’s energy intensity index (EII) dropped to 17.7. Lower EIIs help businesses, including schools, stay more competitive and profitable. Learn more about SBCA’s efforts toward energy efficiency by watching this video:


Evaluate the status of your company practices and energy-generating equipment.


Periodic checks help keep your costs down. Is there energy usage that is unnecessary or not optimal? What equipment or machines can be upgraded or replaced to increase efficiency? What facility improvements can be done? Once you’ve taken these into account, it will be easier for you to come up with a plan.


For SBCA, it’s been a mutual partnership with Meralco, which “assisted us in controlling and managing our tuition fees and expenses,” says Father Nilo. “Our quality education doesn’t come with a regular increase of the fee or high price due to soaring electricity costs.”


Meralco’s relationship managers can help your business find ways to be energy efficient. Visit this link to get started and gather energy-saving tips for your business from the Meralco Power Ideas page.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Meralco.

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